Thursday, September 06, 2007

one year with flickr, originally uploaded by m o d e.

one year with flickr

It’s been a long time since I began taking photos as a hobby.....!
But when Zahid, introduced me into Flickr only I got the chance to upload my first photo which was on the 2nd September 2006. From then onwards I enjoy spending time taking photos and I would tell it’s a golden opportunity for me to show the world the creativity within me, using my photos....!
Now I have got more than two thousand contacts from all around the globe who fave me and comment me. Now I take photography seriously and I appreciate the encouragement given by my colleagues from Flickr as well the others who view my photos. So today I would like to thank for those who comment me, fave me and support me in this field.......!! Thanx........!!

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