Saturday, September 29, 2007


Grasshopper, originally uploaded by KillerOtter.


This little guy rode on my windshield for over an hour today.

Girl on dark background

, originally uploaded by [brett walker].

Girl on dark background

viewing the city

viewing the city, originally uploaded by klsanderson.

viewing the city

Created for the 20th Weekly Contest on Man Ray!

Kristina Sky

Kristina Sky, originally uploaded by Lee Seung Kye.

Kristina Sky

Oh brother I can`t get through
I`ve been trying hard to reach you cause I don`t know what to do
Oh brother I can`t believe it`s true
I am scared about the future and I want to talk to you.
So you take a picture of something you see
Swim a river down to the sea
You can climb a ladder up to the sun
Or write a song that`s never been sung
Or do something that`s never been done
Let`s talk
- Talk (Coldplay) : Dj Kristina Sky
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When you are coming

When you are coming, originally uploaded by photographer padawan.

When you are coming

i'm afraid

i amm afraaid

i'm afraid i'm afraidi'm afraidi'm afraidi'm afraidi'm afraid

Simetrías al atardecer

Simetrías al atardecer, originally uploaded by yildelen.

Simetrías al atardecer


Repetition, originally uploaded by IrenaS.


The Morning Storm

The Morning Storm, originally uploaded by thepres6.

The Morning Storm

I've always wanted to be aware of what's going on around me, and I've wanted to use photography as an instrument of research into and reporting on the life of my own time. - Paul Strand

Pure luck on this catch driving to work last week, I was coming up on this storm and stopped to catch the beautiful cloud formations - I thought the lightning was much farther away!! Have a wonderful Thursday -;0)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Reflections, originally uploaded by aevarg.


Recorrendo, originally uploaded by Eduardo Amorim.


“Primavera linda que adentrou chuvosa
prenunciando pasto e graxa na boiada,
se o verão for brando, ‘benza-a Deus’ eu saio
bem antes de Maio com tropa na estrada...”

Trecho de “Recorrendo”, de Anomar Danúbio Vieira
Rio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Archipelago, originally uploaded by Michael (brncos3).


Chilled Morning, originally uploaded by *Piney*.

Chilled Morning

Theres not much in the way of fall colors here. Most the trees are pines. But we do get a bit of color around the rivers. It's been right around 24degrees F. for the last few mornings, we've got the sun but it is starting to feel like winter. HELL COLD .... 15 degrees this morning! That is F not C folks !

•°o.O, originally uploaded by evatxu.


On Golden ... Thames, originally uploaded by Flying Fin.

On Golden ... Thames

Hiding Moon, originally uploaded by Sr!v!dya.

Hiding Moon

Shot from Home Balcony

Twilight Transformation, originally uploaded by CountryDreaming.

Twilight Transformation

An archive shot of a summer sunset from the end of June in Northeast Ohio. No Photoshop was used in this image.

, originally uploaded by buteijn.

Road to nowhere

, originally uploaded by kaycat.

Cosmos taken in Himuro in Hirakata, Osaka.

moon, tree
Painting with smoke, originally uploaded by Tony-H.

Painting with smoke

The Red Arrows certainly leave their mark on the skyscape !

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Milky planet, originally uploaded by renieravin.

Milky planet

Luna de Costanera, originally uploaded by Ð ! Ξ G ō.

Luna de Costanera

Bs As.

I think it's going to rain

Virgin White Pine and Fall Color

A stand of virgin white pine I found along the Arrowhead Trail. This was on my slow drive out of the BWCAW after two nights camping in the wilderness. I paddled in with a 90 year old wood canvas canoe.

, originally uploaded by ojaipatrick.


sunset state beach California.

This campground had wonderful feral kittens running around. sunset kittens!

Hike, originally uploaded by tricky..


A hiker on top of the maiden moor peak along the edge of derwent water, with the cat bells ridge in the foreground and bassenthwaite lake in the distance. Really pleased with how this came out :-) such amazing views up there, well worth the effort of scrambling to the top!
- Taken at 3:59 PM on September 24, 2007 - cameraphone upload by ShoZu

Therapy, originally uploaded by LuPi75.


Costa Gallurese, Sardinia

Ikura, originally uploaded by Blue Lotus.


Home-made ikura shio-zuke (salted salmon roe).
Step-by-step instructions are, or see the more detailed recipe on

The gilded age, originally uploaded by IrenaS.

The gilded age

This is one of bridges that John D Rockefeller had built in Acadia National Park, which has an amazing system of carriage roads that are closed to cars. They're great for a bit of time-travelling to a quieter era.

c'mon in..., originally uploaded by D.James.

c'mon in...

Hermitage, originally uploaded by tb303.


sunset on powder mill lake, originally uploaded by the blacks2007.

sunset on powder mill lake

removed the beautiful frame and reposted with this one :)

End of the Day, originally uploaded by Natureshooter.

End of the Day

Setting sun on the Oregon Coast

, originally uploaded by ojaipatrick.


Monday, September 24, 2007

infinity is...?, originally uploaded by Italian Papillon.

infinity is...?

zij zoenen elkaar in de overgang

sorry, i can't translate this title in english, won't work.

Spring Dolomites, originally uploaded by LuPi75.

Spring Dolomites

Cadore, Italy

End of day(s) ..., originally uploaded by asmundur.

End of day(s) ...

Kaldá river and clouds over Langjökull clacier lid by the setting sun.

Manual blend of 3 exposures.

Nubes Don Quijote, originally uploaded by AnnuskA Hjärta.

Nubes Don Quijote

Too much drama, and not enough attack.

Someone make it rain, pleeaaaseee!! It's too hot and too dry here =(

, originally uploaded by H@Ru.

Some kinda flower

Weekend on the beach, anyone ?, originally uploaded by Tampen.

Weekend on the beach, anyone ?

I'll bring the umbrella.

Lake Powell, Arizona

sand sailing, originally uploaded by john curley.

sand sailing

seashells by the seashore, originally uploaded by klsanderson.

seashells by the seashore

Welcome to my country~Malaysia, originally uploaded by vincshuang.

Welcome to my country~Malaysia

In Reflection, originally uploaded by Doug Lloyd.

In Reflection

Not true fall colors yet but working on it very hard.
Posted BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Splash, originally uploaded by Roc 78.


Beautiful Beach, originally uploaded by esther**.

Beautiful Beach

I've been in Toscana, originally uploaded by Eric Parey.

I've been in Toscana

Heading Back to Kyoto, originally uploaded by davidteter.

Heading Back to Kyoto

I just can't stay away. Booking the flights/hotels/train to go back to Kyoto and Tokyo over Thanksgiving. Looks like the kids can't go this year. Might be a solo trip.

If anyone knows someone who is a good traveling companion and who likes sushi, photography, the japanese esthetic, and flying in business class, let me know. :)

BBP 025, originally uploaded by Flaming Cyanide.

I've been in Bangalore for 4 years now and didn't visit the Bannerghatta Biological Park until yesterday. It was worth going there though. Lots of people are not very keen at visiting BBP since it is smaller and there isn't much to speak of about the zoo. Nevertheless, we, Anoop, Karthik, Nafisa and I, enjoyed the visit.

The best moment was when we saw the white tiger walking across the road in front of us. It was really agitated and aggressive. The first time when it snarled it was slightly scary. But the protection of the van reassured all of us.

This photo was a lucky one with the lioness yawning at the exact time I clicked on the shutter button on my camera.

Check out my flickr set on the trip.