Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hot Air Cloud Ride, originally uploaded by MS4JAH.

Hot Air Cloud Ride

The sun was just about to set, this is the natural color on the clouds at the time.

For the whole duration of the flight we were watching this storm cloud build about 100 miles to the east over the deserts. Meanwhile, Greg who was flying this balloon called 'Eye in the Sky' or just 'Eye' for short, was all over the sky at various altitudes and traveling every which way. I was waiting and looking for his balloon to line up with the storm cloud knowing that would make for the best photo. Suddenly it happened, he was in a quick decent and I only had a few seconds to grab my camera and fire off a few shots. Meanwhile I was flying a full load of 20 passengers in my balloon and very focused on getting to a good landing spot myself.

I'm thrilled that this shot was so popular, making it to the explore #1 spot on the calendar page. Thanks for all the comments and favs, wish I could respond to each one individually.


Marja said...

It is indeed absolutely magical.
You really have a gift and also thanks for your nice comment :)

Marja said...

I mean having a gift in finding the best