Thursday, August 30, 2007

On the Milky Way, originally uploaded by x-other.

On the Milky Way

Gasoline, originally uploaded by Gunnsi.


Magnifying the fire with Gasoline
This picture appeard on television Stöð 2 in Iceland - photocontest
See my pictures at ImageKind:

Pioggia a gocce, originally uploaded by axomina.

Pioggia a gocce


Macro studies 4

mi piacciono i tuoi quadri grigi...

(...solo a volte eh!!!)

Swirling Water, originally uploaded by ~Yus~.

Explored on 26th August 07 :)

Mackinac Bridge In Fog, originally uploaded by DaddyNewt.

Mackinac Bridge In Fog

Going home, originally uploaded by publicenergy.

Going home

Curtain of Sun Rays, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Curtain of Sun Rays

Cromarty Firth - Scotland

Secret Garden, originally uploaded by annicariad.

Secret Garden

My dream house has a wonderful garden.....if only it were mine!

El mirador / the viewpoint, originally uploaded by PHOTOGUAYRE_7.

El mirador / the viewpoint

sploosh, originally uploaded by _rebekka.


this Saturday i drove from my town, Hafnarfjörður, all the way over to the other side of Iceland, to shoot a wedding in Eskifjörður. Drove back the next day.. somewhere around 1300-1400 kilometers driven in 2 days. I slept a total of 7 hours the whole weekend... exhausting? you betcha.

despite being ridiculously tired on the way back, i found myself stopping here, in Jökulsárlón, for a bit.. too spectacular a place to just drive by it twice without stopping..(the name of this place would translate to Glacier River Lagoon, btw)

Now, seeing as i had neither Leonardo DiCaprio nor a polar bear cub with me, and it was raining, and there were hundreds of tourists milling around the area, ruling out making a creative selfportrait (not that i was particularly gorgeous after driving so much and sleeping so little) , AND having already done the whole long-exposure thing last year, i figured i'd do the opposite this time.

one day, when im as famous and successful as annie leibovitz , ill re-do this shot, only with a celebrity being tossed in, instead of a rock :p

edit: i first uploaded a different shot, taken with my 50mm, which i at first liked more, but changed my mind, and switched (sorry for the handful of comments deleted in the process)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

La rencontre (The meeting), originally uploaded by montivier.

La rencontre (The meeting)

Untroubled, originally uploaded by hampsters.


Schwarzwald II, originally uploaded by Iguana Jo.

Schwarzwald II

The Black Forest

La Foresta Nera

Diver, originally uploaded by *Anna Marie*.


Love the Sea..., originally uploaded by millylillyrose.

Love the Sea...

...No matter what!!
I so loved how the clouds came out in this. i ran amanda's bw1 action on this and played with the levels a little!

Moonlight of Gold, originally uploaded by `Bobesh.

Moonlight of Gold

Rising Moon over the Ocean, golden waves hitting the rocks.

Tasman Sea, Central Coast, Australia.

Castle of Chillon, originally uploaded by `Bobesh.

Castle of Chillon

The Chillon Castle (Château de Chillon) is located on the shore of Lake Geneva near Montreux, Switzerland. The castle consists of 25 independent buildings that were gradually connected .
The oldest parts of the castle have not been definitively dated, but the first written record of the castle is in 1005.

Surrounded by the white tops of the mountains and the soft waves of Lake Geneva, Chillon Castle is a real beauty spot. It is built on a rocky island along the antique road to Italy. The castle shows two faces: It is a princely residence to the lakeside but an impregnable fortress to the mountains.

Molten Gold, originally uploaded by More Altitude.

Molten Gold

Six seconds of sunset. Loving the water texture.

Noosa Lakes, QL. June 2007.

Monday, August 20, 2007

, originally uploaded by brianchapman.

I have not taken or posted a "rocks with smooth water" image in a while so I thought it was about time.

Sunset on the Missouri, originally uploaded by mrwsierra.

Sunset on the Missouri

Missouri River, Montana, August 2007. I just spent a few days fly fishing in fire-plagued Montana. This is an attempt to capture the mood.

layin' down the law, originally uploaded by sosidesc.

layin' down the law

shane dorian, cloudbreak tavarua
(Exposure: 1/6400 sec. even the camera freaked out on this shot)

Friday, August 17, 2007

A rose for Leena...., originally uploaded by scorpius_360.

A rose for Leena....

For Leena Rogers/ Bluebird0927, in appreciation of her very kind testimonial.

Here's a Toast..., originally uploaded by legs100.

Here's a Toast...

I have been wanting to do this for a while, finally had some time,,,please let me know what you the way I did not write this. It is part of a song by Ani Difranco called "Self Evident" If you don't know of her you should get to know her. Especially if you are a woman.

bronze goddess on the water, originally uploaded by oli_bartman.

bronze goddess on the water

water drop candy canes, originally uploaded by Steve took it.

water drop candy canes

One more from my 4th of July shoot where I took a flag outside behind my garden plants and captured its refraction in waterdrops. The red and white bokeh is the actual flag in the background.

Kongens have, originally uploaded by tronochron84.

Kongens have

shimmer, originally uploaded by Kevin Lelland.

13 seconds at f25 with ND4 grad, ND orange grad and blue filter.

Plains Beauty, originally uploaded by Judd Patterson.

Plains Beauty

This was taken back on Tuesday evening. The day was hot and humid...the perfect brew for a storm to erupt in the late afternoon. I had to rush out to a location to get a few photographs and arrived a bit too late. Fortunately I was still able to get a few nice shots of this mammatus cloud formation. 3-stop GND.

Konza Sky, originally uploaded by Judd Patterson.

Konza Sky

The colors and moods this particular evening on Konza were changing every few minutes. In a few minutes time I would be soaked from a downpour that came on with very little warning. I had a rain coat along, but I used it to cover my gear instead of wearing it. :-)

A rainbow almost formed, but evidently the lighting wasn't quite right...darn.

Into Oblivion, originally uploaded by Lee Seung Kye.

Into Oblivion

Into Oblivion View Large On Black
- This location is by the coast which has been formed by the glaciers of the ice age. Many places around here has unique forms shaped by sea water and weather over a long period of time.
- 15 sec. exposure with Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM hence the slight wide angle.
- Actually I was here to try out a new Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM that I received from the US, but...I think the 17-85mm did a great job.
Anyway, it was almost dark, very hot and humid (slippery rocks) and I had already encountered the only dangerous snake species in Norway...two of them
I almost stepped upon!
You should see me flying at those moments ladies and gentlemen! It would be a great silhouette shot against the sunset!
On my way back (around a 10 min. walk) from the shoreline into the woods where I had parked, the path was made dark by the inevitable dance of sun and earth.
My small 10 min. walk suddenly became a rollercoaster ride without safety belts!
It was on this path I encountered several snakes when arriving earlier that evening...
but then it was just before sunset and it was still light...I could see them in front of my feet.
When walking back I stepped very VERY ears doing the work of their lives
as in my field of vision was only a darkened trail to follow. Vegetation had this grey/black dim from midnight light which in turn painted the path pure black. It was like walking in a dark dream and observing every tiny sound for any sign of snakes. Hahaha. I guess I was glad when stepping into my car.
My point is : photography, ladies and gents, is not just a walk in the park ;-P
I am not a brave person. I only happen to put photography on a high priority!
And I know that if my karma is still to be bitten by a snake ; I surely will be.
- For more new images from this location visit

Copacabana beach - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Um dia bonito para todos os pais.

Para os que são, para os que têm o pai ao lado e para os pais que estão num plano superior.

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

Awakening to color, originally uploaded by IrenaS.

Awakening to color

Taken moments after sunrise on the summit of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Maine.

The Bubbleboy, originally uploaded by ukaaa.

The Bubbleboy

Not photoshopped, but a small paper boy standing proudly 2cm tall :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Tramonto di fine giugno (Sunset at the end of June)

Umbria (Italy) - a depth of field "excercise" -

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

After the Storm, originally uploaded by Sean Bolton.

After the Storm

We experienced a couple of days of heavy storms when we visited Rhodes last October. It was worth the bad weather however, so that we could enjoy sunsets such as this.

robber fly, originally uploaded by Rundstedt B. Rovillos.

robber fly

The robber flies are an abundant and diverse family within the order Diptera that are known for their predatory behavior. Asilidae diversity can be attributed to their broad distribution; most species tend to occupy a selective niche. As their common name implies, robber flies have voracious appetites and feed on a vast array of other arthropods, which may help to maintain a healthy balance between insect populations in various habitats (Joern and Rudd 1982, Shurovnekov 1962). Asilidae adults attack wasps, bees, dragonflies, grasshoppers, other flies, and some spiders. Robber flies are particularly abundant in arid and sunny habitats, which are optimal conditions in which to observe their many morphs and behaviors.

waiting, originally uploaded by milehightoad.


Spent a day camping and fishing at Dillon Reservoir near Frisco, Colorado. There was a blanket of clouds and light mist falling all afternoon--perfect for the kids to go fishing.

She wasn't as lucky as he was.

Strobist: SB-800 camera right with CTO gel, full power with D70 set to incandescent +1 triggered with PocketWizard Plus II's. It was around 8 p.m.

Capitana, originally uploaded by LuPi75.


stone cold, originally uploaded by myfear.

stone cold

Good morning flickr :) Another early morning over here in germany. No fun these days. On top of that it started raining. As the forecast says this will not stop until sunday. Perfect summer.
Enjoy another one taken on Rügen. As you might have seen: lighroom at work with 300 v1 preset.
Have a great wednesday! Be successfull! And take care dear friends!

# Exposure: 0.01 sec (1/100)
# Aperture: f/14
# Focal Length: 18 mm
# ISO Speed: 200

One more for the road..., originally uploaded by tricky..

One more for the road...

As i said, i took a *lot* of photos of these, here's one final one :-)
Definitely gonna have to go back and see these when theres a bit of sun too!

Long-Horn Highland Cow @ Baslow Edge, Peak District, UK.

droplet5, originally uploaded by shutterblogger.


Sunset Caster, originally uploaded by jeridaking.

Sunset Caster

Lake Moraine and Morning Reflections

The Devils Grasp, originally uploaded by Ozone71.

The Devils Grasp

Taken for the PIP August Project "How Low Can You Go?" (Low light photography)

Nikon D70, 50mm, f/1.8, 1/30s ISO800

To get the blue flame, I coated my hand in methylated spirits and had Teafor2 ignite it.

For safety, I did this over the sink, and plunged my hand into cold water as soon as the shot was taken. (It took several attempts to get this one and all I lost was the hair on the back of my hand.)

Hunua Falls - New Zealand, originally uploaded by krmuir.

In the Hunau range 1 hour south east of Auckland

Leguan, originally uploaded by Runolfur.


Jewellery advertisments

Fire-poi-dancing-mia.JPG, originally uploaded by playpoi.


Jean-Manuel Nadeau and Mia Watson with Fire
Shot in Ubud, Bali
Photo by: Jean-Manuel Nadeau
Artistic Director: Nick Woolsey
Learn more about Poi

Heron, originally uploaded by Karnevil.


Thank you for making this #4 in Explore Aug 2, 2007!

China, originally uploaded by M00k.


break of day in the Karst mountains