Thursday, August 30, 2007

sploosh, originally uploaded by _rebekka.


this Saturday i drove from my town, Hafnarfjörður, all the way over to the other side of Iceland, to shoot a wedding in Eskifjörður. Drove back the next day.. somewhere around 1300-1400 kilometers driven in 2 days. I slept a total of 7 hours the whole weekend... exhausting? you betcha.

despite being ridiculously tired on the way back, i found myself stopping here, in Jökulsárlón, for a bit.. too spectacular a place to just drive by it twice without stopping..(the name of this place would translate to Glacier River Lagoon, btw)

Now, seeing as i had neither Leonardo DiCaprio nor a polar bear cub with me, and it was raining, and there were hundreds of tourists milling around the area, ruling out making a creative selfportrait (not that i was particularly gorgeous after driving so much and sleeping so little) , AND having already done the whole long-exposure thing last year, i figured i'd do the opposite this time.

one day, when im as famous and successful as annie leibovitz , ill re-do this shot, only with a celebrity being tossed in, instead of a rock :p

edit: i first uploaded a different shot, taken with my 50mm, which i at first liked more, but changed my mind, and switched (sorry for the handful of comments deleted in the process)

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