Monday, September 24, 2007

BBP 025, originally uploaded by Flaming Cyanide.

I've been in Bangalore for 4 years now and didn't visit the Bannerghatta Biological Park until yesterday. It was worth going there though. Lots of people are not very keen at visiting BBP since it is smaller and there isn't much to speak of about the zoo. Nevertheless, we, Anoop, Karthik, Nafisa and I, enjoyed the visit.

The best moment was when we saw the white tiger walking across the road in front of us. It was really agitated and aggressive. The first time when it snarled it was slightly scary. But the protection of the van reassured all of us.

This photo was a lucky one with the lioness yawning at the exact time I clicked on the shutter button on my camera.

Check out my flickr set on the trip.

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Mousumi said...

Pls add ur Bannerghatta National Park wildlife snaps in the following group:

Recently I visited BNP & liked vry much.So I am trying to built a flickr group on BNP wildlife photos.
I hv also created a blog on BNP

Found u hv a good collection of BNP photos.

Here I need help buddy..
thanx in advance..