Tuesday, September 04, 2007

double rainbow, originally uploaded by john curley.

double rainbow

On Friday, after hours of nasty wind and blowing sand, we got a little rain. It wasn't a downpour, just a bunch of giant drops that made little craters on the desert floor and had the cars and vans and RVs looking splatty.

People had pretty much been hunkered down for the afternoon, waiting out the whiteout as best they could. And there were lots of pleasant ways to do that. But still, you only want to stay inside for so long.

So when the sand stopped blowing and this rainbow appeared, everyone went into the middle of the streets or climbed on top of their vehicles and looked up and waved and laughed and drank and danced and snapped pictures.

It was already the thickest rainbow I'd ever seen, and then when the double appeared, it was like someone punched up the music another level and the whole crowd went a little more crazy on the dance floor.

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